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May 2nd, 2014

New Audience Network launched by Facebook

Facebook has announced the launch of its new Audience Network at the F8 developer’s conference this week.

The new platform specifically caters for marketers who are selling goods through digital devices. Facebook will be sharing its users information with companies for them to be able to target the right adds to the appropriate buyer.

This platform will also enable developers to add their own code, or work with Facebook’s team to place banner ads which will be stylised to integrate with the networks image.

There is much speculation about how this new platform of advertising will affect the world of marketing, especially as Facebook holds such intimate information about their user’s habits. With each advert tailored to suit the desires of the user, this could mean that Facebook has become the perfect platform for online marketers.

“Facebook will have to make sure from the outset that it sets some stringent guidelines as to exactly the type if data that it shares with advertisers,” said the senior reporter at Marketing Week magazine, Lara O’Reilly to the BBC.

There have of course been concerns raised over people’s privacy, more so with the recent outcries over the NSA scandal and Facebook’s own selling of information to the American intelligence agency. However this hasn’t stopped people from using their service and the benefits of relevant advertising to individuals has seen a marked improvement to sales and to people’s attitude towards advertising as a whole.


Facebook isn’t the first social media platform to develop advertising like this; Twitter bought out MoPub last year and has been integrating the two softwares. Google & Apple also have their versions of this platform but it is widely recognised that Facebook has the edge though, due to its extensive amounts of information on its customers.

“The interest in Facebook is that its Audience Network will be a way to leverage all the data that Facebook has but away from its own platform.”

Overall, mobile Facebook users are about to be sorely tempted by products on a day to day basis.

Other News

There have also been changes to Facebook’s policy of sharing its member’s information with other developers. Previously, third-party apps were able to gain information about a user’s friends when they’d shared their own. Now each app requires express permission from individuals before it can see any information about them.

Additionally a new Anonymous Login is being developed for users to be able to access Facebook without releasing any data to apps they sign up for. The concept behind this is to allow people the ability to try apps without having to share information, something Mark Zuckerberg describes as a method for testing “apps without fear”.

Overall these developments seem balanced, on one hand Facebook is providing users’ information to marketers while on the other it’s providing a means for users to retain their privacy from marketers.

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