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In a similar way to affiliate marketing, remarketing uses your website history to serve adverts which are most relevant to your visitors – with the focus on drawing users back to your website.

By using the cookies users pick up whilst browsing, companies can find out which pages and products have viewed. This can then be used across advertising spaces on a whole host of sites. Even if the site you are currently viewing is of no relation to a previous page view, you could be enticed back to complete a purchase. Remarketing allows you to re-engage with interested parties, and can also help you close a sale. 54% of shoppers will purchase products they’ve previously left in shopping carts* if those products are offered at a lower price via remarketing coupon codes. This can make a significant difference to your conversion rates.

For example; when a pair of shoes is viewed on an online store and the user navigates away, the product, or ones similar can appear on websites the user visits later. When the user checks their email or social media account, they may be served the adverts showing the products viewed or nearly bought and/or an associated offer. This is the essence of remarketing – reminding users about products they have looked at in a bid to close a sale or enquiry.

Advanced methods can also be used to show special offers on associated products, or offer vouchers if a product was added to the basket, but the checkout process wasn’t completed.

This sounds complicated, but it is relatively simple to increase sales and drive enquiries back to your website once users have initially shown an interest.

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*The Optimiser 2014 survey