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Link building has had bad press over the last few years, but a successful search engine marketing campaign still retains high quality link building at its heart. Quality link building is a world away from the spam link building which plagued many sites and often led to penalties.

Link building is a natural search engine optimisation technique which involves researching, requesting, and submitting quality backlinks from external sources with the intention of increasing a webpage’s position within search engine results.

We recognise that a comprehensive solution for building, executing and maintaining an organic link building campaign is an essential part of any search engine optimisation strategy. Our SEO team utilise professional link building techniques and research methods to select the most suitable and relevant links for your business.

Due to the increased difficulty of gaining worthwhile links, we invest time in each one, with a focus on quality. The methods we use give safe and measurable results in search engine results, whilst staying clear of penalty action.

Our dedicated link building service includes:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Website & objectives review
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Link source identification
  • Monthly link building report

In website marketing terms, link building has become a crucial element in achieving good search engine positions. Many articles have been published on the subject from experts in the industry and Google themselves have published information explaining how “link juice” from one site flows to another. Combined with onsite factors, high quality link building is key to achieving good rankings and traffic.

In addition to the benefits of search engines giving better rankings, extra links have the inherent bonus of driving traffic through the link itself. When your website gets links on a popular blog or on a high traffic site, people are more likely to click through to view your site. With the old spam links, they were rarely clicked due to being buried on blogs with no viewers, so the newer methods help your website in numerous ways.

Ethical Link Building

The link building services on offer here at Piranha Internet are designed to considerably improve a website’s visibility in natural search results listings when relevant key search terms are used. We have specific methods and techniques which we have developed to improve this process, notably creating link bait and increasing exposure from PR campaigns.

Our SEO link building services only use ethical SEO link building techniques. The boundaries between ethical and non-ethical link building have never been clearer, with rules which must be adhered to. As part of our ethical link building, we look ahead to see how we can help your business in the long run, rather than looking for quick fixes which inevitably cause trouble later on.

Through the use of a number of integrated SEO link building techniques, we can help you increase your rankings in Google, Bing and other search engines. Increased link building correctly administered for your site means it will continue to benefit from improved rankings for the key phrases across your business.

For more information about the services available and how they can help your website, get in touch with us today.

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