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As every company is different, it is important to be aware of the wide range of opportunities for social interaction online. Depending on your business model, customer base and a range of other factors, we can help you discern which social media platforms are best suited to your requirements.

There is little point in having a social media presence on a platform which you never use – but at the same time you want to ensure you are active on those most relevant to you. We can help you maintain a presence and grow your following over the right social media platforms. The following list goes through some of the most common social media platforms, and outlines how they can help your business.


Facebook is by far the most active social media platform, with over a billion registered users and is used by all kinds of brands across the world. Through direct advertising, interaction and marketing towards individual accounts, it gives businesses a point of contact and allows for targeted advertising by selecting various demographic options.


Twitter created its own marketing tactic through the use of the hashtag, which has embedded itself in day-to-day life. Through micro-blogging, direct messaging, mentions across accounts, hashtag usage and targeted advertising, Twitter has become a great starting point for customer service and contact. Due to the instant nature of tweeting and the continued updating of the twitter feed, companies can give information on flash deals, help with customer enquiries and ensure that customers are always kept in the loop.


Being the largest business and professional social networking sites online, LinkedIn has become a great source of opportunities for business to business clients. As well as the employment benefits for job searching and head hunting, the B2B sector can maintain relationships, help give exclusive deals and much more. Unlike Twitter which has every account viewable by everyone, LinkedIn relies on people following companies and connecting with individuals to form relationships which are arguably more beneficial. If you are part of a B2B business, a large buying group, or a multinational organisation, then LinkedIn cannot be ignored.


The most visual of the social media platforms, Pinterest gives people the opportunity to pin images which are found online into categories and then allows for users to share the things they love. Predominantly a female led audience, Pinterest has gained a great deal of popularity with hobbyists who find numerous things online and want to come back to them later on.


With the highest number of registered users, Google+ was set out to compete with the dominance of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all together. With circles for friends, celebrity followers and professional contact, Google+ aimed high, but many feel it missed the mark. There are still large opportunities within the platform for targeted advertising and social interactions, as well as helping create increasingly important local pages for customers to find in Google search results.


The majority of the largest brands in the world use Google’s reliable and fast video hosting site YouTube, giving access through embedded videos and directly from YouTube itself. With the largest collection of videos and being the second most used search engine in the world, YouTube offers fantastic branding opportunities, as well as targeted advertising based on likes, interests, view history and location. You can let people find out more about your products and services by producing your own videos, giving people an extra level of viewing over text and images.


Instagram adds the real life touch to your corporate image, letting you take pictures and post them on the fly, without the laborious editing process. It is a great way for companies to show off their products in use, staff at work and a range of other images, which give the appearance of a more approachable company. Direct advertising will be available soon, but when it is your products and people in shot, every picture you take will be its own advert for your products, services and people.

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