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Google AdWords pay-per-click services started way back in 2000 – probably before most current users were aware of Google. But it continues to be a great way to source pre-qualified traffic to your website.

A successful pay-per-click campaign across a range of search engines can pay for itself with its own conversions and sales. It also offers additional brand building opportunities, making you visible where you may not otherwise appear. Google is the dominant force in western search and so AdWords is the main focus for many pay-per-click campaigns.

However, every campaign needs to be personally managed to get the best results. With our knowledge and experience, you can be certain that you will get the best results and return on investment. When we take over or setup your pay-per-click campaign, you get the benefit of our AdWords certified campaign managers.

Why Managed AdWords?

You might think that you can take control of your pay-per-click account yourself, and you can.

But do you have enough time to check through keywords, add negative keywords, alter bid adjustments, manage budgets, react to trends, carry out A/B testing and ongoing adjustments?

With our managed pay-per-click services, we can help you with all this and more – with the added benefit of having experienced managers making the amends for you. We can set targets based on your goals and ideal spend, so that your pay-per-click campaign is always profitable for you. Whilst we do this, we make you aware of any opportunities which may arise, which are then explained in simple terms.

What’s the point?

We keep your campaigns targeted, affordable and accountable. This helps to build brand presence whilst generating leads at a competitive return on investment. Unmanaged pay-per-click accounts can rack up clicks quickly – but with every click costing, this isn’t always a good thing! The popularity or amount of clicks isn’t indicative of the quality and value of a click. The vast majority of users may be clicking for information rather than clicking with the intention to buy.

Our managed services give great value for money and we aim to keep the cost per conversion as low as possible.

The Costs

We can work out a billing method to suit your needs, be it a set monthly management fee or a percentage. This helps with initial set up costs and for continued management throughout the life of the campaign. Unfortunately, no one campaign can be set and then left, as pay-per-click methods, keywords and search habits can all change regularly.

It makes sense for you to let us manage your pay-per-click campaigns. You can focus on doing the best for your business and customers, whilst we concentrate on our speciality – driving relevant traffic to your site.

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