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Affiliate marketing essentially uses the relationship between advertisers, publishers and end consumers to give associated brands and products advertising space on related websites.

By using associated websites and related pages, we can help you reach relevant end consumers which are more likely to lead to conversions compared to more generic, untargeted methods.

As technology has moved on, so have advertising methods. Affiliate marketing expands on traditional fixed adverts, but gives them a dynamic edge and tailors the adverts shown to individual users based on browsing history and interests.

How does it work?

As you browse the internet, your history is tracked within your computer by ‘cookies’. These act like crumbs of the sites you have visited, allowing advertising spaces to display different ads depending on the cookies you have on your computer. Aside from the obvious advantages for advertisers, this also gives a better service for customers, as they are more likely to see advertisements which are of interest to them.

Have you noticed as you visit various sites and perform searches, that adverts relating to these pages appear more? This shows that cookies are doing their job.

We can help you get your adverts directed at the right people, ensuring that people who see your adverts are interested and more likely to click through. From people who are casually browsing through to people who are one step away from buying, affiliate marketing can help you gain customers by keeping your products and services visible.

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