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Microsites or Satellite sites as they are sometimes referred to are a powerful marketing tool, ideal for rapid web design, development, SEO and deployment. They are perfect for a client who wants to launch a new service or take advantage of a new wave of consumer/trade interest.

If you need to push a product or service to market in a short time frame, microsites are an unmatched internet solution. Their separation from your primary website allows design freedom, re-branding (if necessary) and specific search engine optimisation. We have developed many microsites for our clients, focusing on new legislation, product launches, new services and new locations.

The impact of using a microsite is two fold, you rapidly gain a web presence for your product or service and achieve higher search engine rankings with less investment. This method of using microsite design is also relevant for delivering interactive media, quizzes, competitions, offers, articles and promotions. Microsites are also beneficial for temporary promotions, or those which are detached from your main product offering.

Key Advantages

  • Low cost solution to product and service launches
  • Fast production, (sometimes one day from concept to launch)
  • Focused Search Engine Optimisation on specific key words
  • Focused Pay Per Click advertising
  • Can be effectively used as link bait, especially if covering government legislation or business tools
  • Can be positioned separately to the corporate branding
  • Can be easily removed when no longer in use

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