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Why is Web Design Important?

People use the internet instinctively as the first point of contact for a business. So having a great website which is easy to find and navigate is crucial – no matter which market you operate in. Your website is the face of your business and provides the opportunity to show off your services, products, quality and philosophy. It is also the first point of contact in most cases, with people getting in touch through emails, or by finding out contact information through your website, or buying online.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression….

…and this is certainly true with websites. Competition is fierce online and customers are only ever one click away from leaving your website, making web design incredibly important. It is not enough for your website to look good, it must also have a straightforward navigation, function correctly and communicate your business proposition. If you get it wrong, you may miss out on numerous business opportunities.

Your site should have time and care taken over it, with many factors working together to provide clear messages, information and calls to action for your target audience. Piranha Internet is here to ensure that all the important factors are taken into consideration with our web design services.

Piranha Web Design in Preston

Piranha’s in-house web design Preston team, Lancashire, will design, develop and produce a website to suit your exact requirements. Our expertise ranges from small information led sites for start-ups, through to complex database driven, multi-lingual, e-commerce solutions for leading global players in high value technology markets.

Can’t I Build My Own Website?

There are many services which will claim to let you produce a website – often stating that it can be done easily and cheaply. The problem with these sites is that the end product is often of low quality, with low functions and lacking in SEO functionality. In addition to this, technical support can be non-existent, with many companies cutting corners on customer service. It is always better to get your website designed and built by professionals. Here at Piranha we ensure that you get what you need, with all functionality thoroughly tested before going live. Our website design start at very reasonable rates, and you can be sure that you have our professional team to help back you up.

Our experienced team is key to giving you the best service. We have a wide range of skills and experience, with website designers, programmers, interface designers, SEOs, copywriters and project managers at hand to ensure that you get the best work, from initial concept through to follow up support. At Piranha we can deliver a complete solution with no need for outsourcing whatsoever.

Website Design for SEO

At Piranha Internet, our web designers and website content writers work closely together to ensure that your online presence is enhanced. We understand that it is important to have a dynamic site, as well as ensuring that it works well for both customers and search engines. Our web designers work in association with our SEO specialists to ensure that all websites have the opportunity to rank well within the major search engines. We are very confident that our team will provide you with both a dynamic website and customer service that is unparalleled in this industry.

Client Management – The Web Design Process

We like to involve clients throughout the web design process to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of what the intent of the website is and what you want it to  achieve. After initial discussions and briefing, we will generally start on visuals, which will be passed over to you. At this point we will re-assess the visuals through amends and discussion. Once the design has been finalised and agreed upon it will be passed over to web development, where the building of the website will begin.

We maintain a designated client area on our own website where clients can login to find out the current progress of the web design project.

Does my Small Business Need a Website?

We would recommend that all businesses should utilise the benefits of having a website, and our web design services in Preston can ensure that you can get one. Just as a business would not have thought twice about having a Yellow Pages listing 20 years ago, you should ensure that you have a presence online which can grow with your business. In addition to this, you don’t have to be a nationwide business to reap the benefits of ranking well on leading search engines with increased local search results.

Why choose Piranha?

Whilst there are a number of web design services in Preston and across the wider area, none have the experience and expertise that Piranha has. Other digital agencies deal solely in website design and promotion, but we feel that having multiple services on offer gives us a greater insight into the wider implications and marketing possibilities across all media.

  • In house digital and creative marketing team
  • Internal full marketing and web development support
  • Experience in many different markets
  • Available for regular face to face strategy meetings
  • Our marketing packages offer outstanding value for money
  • Proven track record

Do you need a new website designed? Want your existing site freshened up? Web design Lancashire, Preston. Contact us for a free quote, or even just for a chat (no obligations of course).