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We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions, tailored to suit the exact requirements of your company.

We have been delivering award winning digital marketing solutions since 2001. We cover SEO, paid advertising, email marketing campaigns and a wide range of other products and services. Our experience covers all aspects of digital marketing. So you can be sure that the comprehensive strategy we put together for you will cover you now and into the future.

We are the marketing people who can help you gain exposure, customers and increase your website traffic. From regional to global audiences, our digital campaigns are structured to specific budgets whilst incorporating the elements you need to promote your business, achieve your goals and gain tangible ROI.

Digital marketing is a wide, all-encompassing term which utilises technologies such as websites, email, apps and social networks to raise awareness of a businesses products and services and increase sales. Three popular and effective techniques are search engine optimisation, paid advertising and email marketing. These, along with social media marketing, often form the basis of successful strategic multimedia campaigns. However, there are many other routes to market which utilise digital channels:

  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Pay per click
  • Online advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate
  • Re-marketing
  • Email marketing


Traditional SEO ensures that you are in the best position to rank for the keywords your pages are optimised for. The days of getting as many links as possible are long gone, but there is still a lot which can be done to help you increase your rankings.

We can work on your website to optimise the content and structure for your important keywords. We back this up with a carefully constructed outreach plan for link building. We ensure that the work we undertake fits into webmaster guidelines and best practices, ensuring you do not have to worry about possible penalties.

Our SEO packages combine with other services such as social media and website development. This give your website the best chance to rank well and be found by relevant users.

Paid Advertising

There are many different methods of paid advertising in the digital marketing arena. These range from Google AdWords to social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Piranha will select the best marketing strategy for your paid advertising and will work to your budget to deliver the best return on investment whilst reaching your target audiences.

Through demographic profiling and by using browser history, you can target your adverts at those who have visited your site or shown interest in similar products. This can help you target your ads to those who are most likely to convert clicks into business.

Email Campaigns

From design and development, data management and distibution to campaign reporting and analysis, Piranha have an in-depth knowledge of delivering successful email marketing campaigns across many different markets. Our campaigns allow you to target potential and existing customers with upcoming offers, events and promotions.

From informing people of new products and offers to publishing regular newsletters to stay in touch with your customers, we can put together designs and plans which are eye-catching and effective. Build and schedule emails in advance of requirements and schedule automatic distribution. Our post email support allows analysis of campaign statistics to benchmark and adapt for future campaigns.

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