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Smart phones and tablets have become part of everyday life, with a wide range of functionality and connectivity across devices.

Whilst most smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices can display web pages exactly as seen on a desktop, the reduced screen size doesn’t always make this practical. This is where mobile site development and responsive websites come into play.

These alternate websites can be designed to keep the themes, designs and layout of existing sites, but with changes to content sizing and placement. Through the use of responsive frameworks, we can develop a website which transitions smoothly from one screen size to the next, giving continuity and maintaining your branding throughout. Having a responsive site is also beneficial to mobile rankings and accessibility, with changes to Google algorithms favouring mobile friendly sites in mobile rankings.

By bridging the gap between your full website and a mobile app, mobile site development can give you full functionality and usability. This interaction is a great way to let people access your services whilst they are on the move, an ever increasing trend with improved connectivity and the growth in mobile device uptake. This flexibility removes the requirement for multiple websites, as one site adapts to the device it is viewed on.

Our range of services allows us here at Piranha to advise and deliver the best solution for your requirements. Whether this is simply a responsive mobile friendly website or a mobile app, we can help you get what you need.

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