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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is arguably the most important consideration for any business with a website. Without SEO in mind, you can create the best website in the world, but then never receive a single visitor.

With so many websites across the internet, it is important to be found. Even when people know your services and website name, the chances are that they will use one of the major search engines to get through to your site. Google, Bing and others help us through our online exploration, which is why SEO is such an important aspect for your business. We can ensure that your website features prominently in search engine results, giving you and your users the best results. Located in Preston, we have SEO clients up and down the country and we like to believe that our SEO service is one of the best.

Piranha Internet SEO Services

The Internet is a fantastic medium, allowing businesses of all sizes to gain increased exposure – both for the actual website and the business as a whole.

This is often instigated through a structured SEO campaign, which can result in significantly increased visitor numbers and conversions. Here at Piranha we have been conducting these campaigns since 2001 and we have continually updated our practices and methods to suit the changing rules and guidelines from search engines and ever changing technological advances, adapting strategies to maximise effectiveness for individual clients.

Client Management

We believe in transparency and ensure that our customers can easily find out what work we have undertaken through access to our designated client area. This area allows clients to log in and see what work has been undertaken, view monthly reports and ensure that the working practices are ethical and ‘white-hat’. We also ensure that we liaise with clients regularly, whether this is by phone, email or through scheduled meetings, so you are always up to date.

Basics of SEO

The days of cramming a website full of meta keywords and buying thousands of links are a thing of the past. The theory and methods behind SEO now aim to make your website the most relevant for the search terms which people use, rather than aiming to be number 1 for everything. This wider arching approach includes every aspect of digital marketing to give your website credibility, which in turn gains you the best positions on search engines.

Content & Copywriting

Nearly all of a websites success is linked to the content within it. If people cannot find the information they need, buy the products they want or get help on the topic they are looking at, what is the point of the website?

We have a range of experienced copywriters and graphic designers who work with clients to produce high quality content for websites in the form of written text, videos, images, infographics or a combination of all. From product descriptions to blog posts, we can help you get the information across to your customers clearly, whilst making it easy for search engines to crawl and understand what the site offers.

Onsite Optimisation

The first and best place to look to improve your search engine rankings is with your own site. Through careful and in-depth research into keywords and search volumes, we can help find the terms which are most relevant to your website and what will drive the best conversions.

This is done through a range of methods which all combine to put your website in the best position before any work is done offsite. Optimisation of title tags, headers, content and numerous other factors are the base on which other methods rely, so we make sure that this is in place first and foremost.

Competitor analysis is another key factor in improving your online status, measuring your position and ensuring your ranking improves month on month against the competition.

Social Media

With the increased incorporation of social media channels into websites, it is vital to get these set up right. This is important for people trying to find your brand and also important for search engines to see that your company is legitimate. Social media links also have a positive effect on search engine rankings, linking profile pages to your website.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising needs more than just a budget to run. You need to make sure that the pages which are targeted are relevant to the search terms used. We can help you along with this by managing the adverts themselves, adding content to improve relevancy and even making new pages when required.

Link Building

Link building is still a vital activity for websites, but it has changed over the years. At one time the general rule was the more the better, but with search engine updates, this has changed. Link building has now taken a more managed approach, with high value links being targeted rather than ‘any you can get’. Through outreach projects, choice directory submissions and other high quality link building, we can ensure that you keep getting links to your website, directing relevant traffic and steering clear of possible penalties from leading search engines.

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