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March 19th, 2015

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Internet Explorer!

Microsoft has announced that it will finally be axing its Internet Explorer browser. This has been a popular rumour over the past few months so it doesn’t come as too much of a shock to internet users.

One of the main reasons for its downfall is that the browser has never been able to compete with the likes of Chrome and Firefox. At the moment, Google Chrome holds 62.5% of the browser market, compared to a poor 8% for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft will be releasing a brand new browser to take its place. It will be released at the same as Windows 10 and will be the default browser for this product. We can expect to see these products in shops later this year.

The company is yet to decide on a name for the browser. Microsoft will need to choose a name that is memorable and can be found easily on search engines if they want people to start using it.

For now, they are calling their latest venture ‘Project Spartacus’.

Internet Explorer will still be available to older desktops that rely on the software, though this version will be an outdated version. This means that any computers still using Internet Explorer will probably run slowly and be at risk of safety threats.

In the past, Internet Explorer has been criticised for its slow speeds and bug-prone nature of the software. These issues will need to have been resolved in the new software if they want to tempt users away from their preferred browser.

Microsoft faces an enormous challenge if they want to keep up with the tops dogs of internet browsing. As one of the biggest companies in the world, many people will be eagerly awaiting the firm’s next move. Hopefully, they will put more thought into the planning than they did with Internet Explorer, to give it a better shot at success.

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