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October 1st, 2014

Are you intrigued or irritated?

With social media taking the world by storm, the majority of users will be all too familiar with the pages ‘you may like’ section. Whether these sorts of adverts intrigue or irritate you, it is clear that they do play a vital role in the everyday interaction that appears on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Taboola is one of the leading providers of click-bait advertising, using short and catchy headlines to attract you to the content. Their stories appear on many popular news and gossip pages, alongside Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. From diet pill success stories to ‘people you won’t believe exist’, the stories seem to know no boundaries, with an unlimited number of topics available.

Like similar sites, they are able to see user preferences via internet cookies, allowing them to target stories at particular audiences. This is something that has been repeatedly criticised by internet users, as it raises issues regarding privacy.

The company was created by 32 year old Adam Singolda, whose career as an officer in the Israeli Defence Forces lasted just short of seven years. He accredits the majority of his business and managerial skills to his time in the Army. In an interview for the BBC he says, “There was no money in the world you could pay to get that experience.”

“I learnt first-hand how to lead a team, and get everyone to work together. Being in the Army, I couldn’t give anyone any financial reward, the only way to get people to do stuff was to inspire them.”

After finishing his time in the Army, Mr Singolda moved back in with his parents. It was during this time that he was struck by inspiration, going on to develop Taboola into what it is today. Starting from a very small team, the company now employs around 200 staff and has extended its number of offices throughout the world. Although not enjoyed by everyone, it seems that the company’s approach to content is doing something right, with 400 million views hitting the articles each month!

Many critics have slated Taboola for being spam rather than informative content. With the stories often seeming demeaning and derogatory, it is clear why the company has made a lot of enemies in the industry.

Despite this, millions of us still can’t resist clicking through.

Whether you find the company’s content annoying or interesting, it is undeniable that they offer something that can’t be found in your standard newspaper. Making a staggering £154 million a year, the company is looking to continue its growth, with future plans to secure new investment.

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