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November 24th, 2014

Google to Add Mobile-friendly Tags to Search Results

Mobile browsing has become unbelievably popular and is now an important part of millions of people’s everyday routine. It is an easy way to stay connected if you are always on the move!

Those of us who use mobile internet on a regular basis will know just how annoying it is to find yourself on a page which doesn’t accommodate your browsing.

Over the next couple of weeks, Google will be adding ‘mobile- friendly’ tags to websites on their search results, so you will know whether it will work with your device before you click on the page.

Googlebot will be analysing sites for a number of requirements, including text that it big enough to read on mobile devices, links placed with a reasonable gap between them so that you do not accidentally click on the wrong one and the ability to see the site without having to scroll horizontally. They will also be checking that only suitable mobile software is used, which rules out the likes of Adobe Flash!

These changes will also have benefits for companies who have a mobile site as there will be a ranking system which will boost their rankings.

If you aren’t sure whether your site will pass the test, Google has a mobile friendly test which will tell you! For websites that don’t pass the test, it will give feedback why, which means that you can start working on your site in order to gain your tag!

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