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Alcohol Consequences

Advertising Campaign / Photography /




The main aim was to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol consumption to underage drinkers, targeting parents in particular. The campaign wanted to get parents talking to their children and addressing the issue together, as well as making the children themselves more aware of the issues.


Market research, creative concept, design, photography, print and distribution, media location selection and booking/management of models and stylists.

Creative Solution

The creative concept was developed to evoke the protective emotions which parents feel for their children and to encourage them to discuss the problems of underage drinking together. It was also important to make them fully aware of the serious problems, both physically and emotionally, which underage drinkers can face. The problems identified in the campaign were sexual abuse, sexual health, accidental injury, violence and the being out of control.

Piranha carried primary research to identify the correct approach, keeping in mind throughout the project that it is a very delicate and sensitive issue.  To ensure that the campaign has a realistic look to it, we selected several models to incorporate into the graphic design.

One of our finished posters included the tagline, ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ and had a young girl shown to be drunk and vulnerable. The male version had a similar image and used the strap line ‘Mummy’s Boy’.


Examples of format we used for this campaign include:


The finished artwork delivered a striking and memorable message that gets the point across quickly to the target audiences. The client reported significant growth in enquiries for information and referrals to the client’s alcohol abuse support partners.