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The Brief

The Brand

The colours of the brand (black and green) represent the traditional dependency on fossil fuels and the emerging alternative green energy sources available.

The brand shape depicts the current reliance and coexistence of both fossil fuels and renewable energies intertwined for maximum performance.

The brand shape is based on a Turbinella shell which is a progression of the original Kimpton brand. A shell, when empty is without function, but when full of life is a productive environment. A building, like a shell can be either of these.

The shell also represents the ability of an organism to grow whilst increasing its strength through structural growth and can be moulded and adapted to suit its inhabitants.

As the organism grows, so does the protective structure surrounding it producing a larger and stronger replication of the original able to operate in more demanding environments.

The Project

Piranha created the new brand and designed all the applications where the brand was used including stationery, signage, Van liveries, case study documents, brochures, leaflets and exhibition equipment.

Piranha also designed and built the customer focused website, planned and implemented the search engine optimisation and AdWords campaigns, designed, built and distributed lead generation e-mails and delivered an ongoing PR campaign. All the marketing tactics are supported by ongoing monthly strategic marketing meetings to continuously deliver the company’s marketing strategy.


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