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February 25th, 2016

Twitter Rolls Out Search Tool for GIFs

On Wednesday, Twitter began rolling out a brand new search tool which people can use to find and post GIFs on the website.

For anyone who isn’t aware, GIFs are animated images that move and have become incredibly popular with internet users around the world.

Twitter audiences will soon be able to access a selection of GIFs on Twitter via the ‘GIF library’. To find the most relevant ones, you will be able to search keywords such as ‘happy, ‘sad’ or ‘dancing’.

Twitter said in a blog post; “Whenever you’re composing a Tweet or Direct Message, you can search and browse the GIF library. So if you’re looking for the perfect cat yawn or dance move to express exactly how you feel, just click the new GIF button.”

“You can search by keyword, or browse categories of different reactions like Happy Dance, Mic Drop, or YOLO.”

The company has said that the new feature will be available to those accessing the site from iOS, Android and Desktop “over the coming weeks.”

Twitter claims that last year alone more than 100 million GIFS were sent on the social media platform. It is thought that their latest move is an attempt to keep with the competition, in particular, Facebook, who already have a GIF feature on their Messenger service.

Will you be using the new GIF feature when it’s rolled out? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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