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Piranha Launches New PROjEN Sites

Posted on: May 2016

Piranha is pleased to announce that we have launched 8 new satellite sites for our long standing client PROjEN. They specialise in engineering design and project management, working with a range of clients including those in the nuclear, pharmaceutical and environmental industries.

The main aim of the sites is to give visitors more detailed information about the services that they provide. For instance, outlines the anaerobic digestion and biogas design area of the business.

Another of the sites,, explains the regulations that are associated with dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres. This information is absolutely essential for anyone working in these environments and the site is there to explain how PROjEN can help companies to stay compliant.

We have also made changes to the main PROjEN site, giving it a more modernised and focused look. The previous website was starting to look outdated and didn’t live up to the high standards associated with the company.

You will see that it now has a sleek blue design, which is consistent throughout the website. We have worked hard to make sure that the design, content and build are kept professional, as this is something that is expected by their customers and PROjEN themselves.

On all of the sites, the design has been kept in line with PROjEN’s branding and company values. We have also included all of the necessary information within the content, as well as images that relate to the business and industry.

If you think that it’s time for a new website, Piranha would be more than happy to help! We will speak to you about your expectations and requirements, before starting the design and build process. To find out more, please call 01772 888 331 or email [email protected].projen2

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