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4 Things to Consider When Getting a New Website

Posted on: February 2016

More than 3 billion people are now using the internet, with people from all over the world spending time online. This means that having a website has never been so important to your business. Not only will it give you the opportunity to introduce your brand and engage with new customers but you can also make sales that would otherwise not have been possible.

If you’re looking to get a new website or perhaps want to upgrade your existing one, here are some things that you will need to consider.


Quality of the design

Your website is there to represent your business in the online world which is why you need to make sure it is high quality and professional. Even online, first impressions count and if your website is ugly or unappealing, it will ultimately lose you the customer.  Piranha can create an attractive website design for your business, taking into account your brand, products and values. We will discuss the different design options that are available, including colour schemes, images, layout and typography, ensuring that not only the customer is happy with your website but you are too!



Another important factor of your website is its functionality, which basically means how your website works. Every website, no matter what industry you work in, should be easy for the user to navigate. If it is hard to move around the site, loads slowly or is not mobile-friendly, customers may be put off and head over to another website that does have functionality. It is always better to hire a professional to build your website as they have the knowledge and experience to create the best online experience for users.



Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, is a way of getting your website noticed on search engine results. Without this strategy, your website will be lost amongst the billions of others that are on the internet. There are many different aspects to SEO, such as technical crawlability, link building and social media interaction. Content also plays a huge role in SEO, as you can include keywords that will help your website to be found. Creating fresh, relevant content regularly is crucial when it comes to SEO, especially if you want to avoid Google’s algorithm penalties.





Content is what sets you apart from every other business so it is essential that you take the time to create content that speaks for your brand. Each page of your website will need to have informative content which will educate and interest the reader; otherwise they may get bored and look elsewhere. Blogs are a great way of engaging with customers and will keep your content relevant to the reader. If you don’t have the time to create content regularly, you should consider hiring a professional to do this for you. Content isn’t going anywhere so it is definitely a worthwhile marketing strategy for your business.


Piranha Internet is able to oversee every aspect of your new website, from the design and build to content and optimisation. Our main aim is to create a professional online presence for your business that will attract new leads and customers. If you would like to discuss tis in more detail or have any questions, please call 01772 888 331 or email [email protected].

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