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October 17th, 2013

Facebook relaxes restrictions for teenagers

Facebook users aged 13 to 17 will now be able to add posts publicly on the site. Previously, anyone under the age of 18 using the social networking site was only allowed to share posts with ‘friends of friends’.

This change will also see those users in the 13-17 year-old bracket being allocated a default setting of ‘friends’ only.

Facebook said the latest changes to its settings for teenage users were in response to demands for the service and were designed to “improve the experience”. Allowing younger users to post publicly also brings Facebook in line with other social networking sites.

Simon Miller, Director of Policy for Facebook in the UK said “One of the requests we hear direct from teenagers most often is the ability to share things in a public way, just as they can on other services,

“Teens are among the savviest people using social media and they want to be heard.”

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