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February 8th, 2013

20% of Facebook ad spend goes on mobile users

Recent research has revealed that despite its premium cost, one in every five pounds (20.3%) spent on Facebook advertising now targets mobile users.

The claims were made after research was carried out by one of Facebook’s strategic preferred marketing developers, media agency Kenshoo Social and followed analysis of more than 2m Facebook ad clicks and conversions by global advertisers.

Kenshoo CMO Aaron Goldman says “The world’s top brands have embraced Facebook mobile advertising and we expect the channel to become increasingly competitive as new devices, like those on display at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, deliver enhanced interactive experiences.”

Further analysis of the ad formats revealed that Android dominates Facebook spends on smartphones, controlling 71 % of all spend, compared to just 29% for iOS. However, in terms of Facebook spend on tablets, 97% targets iPad users, with only 3% targeting the Android user.

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