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April 25th, 2016

123-reg Accidentally Deletes Customer Websites

Last week, web hosting company 123-reg accidentally deleted some of their customer’s websites. An error occurred whilst they were carrying clean-up maintenance which resulted in sites being deleted from their servers.

The company hosts more than 1.7 million websites and at the moment it is unclear actually how many of these have been affected.

On their Facebook page, they said that “a technical fault led to some customers on 123-reg unmanaged VPS platform, losing service. The fault was limited to 67 of our 115,000 servers.”

“We can confirm that service has been restored for the majority of customers affected and we are making progress towards getting more customers online as quickly as possible.”

One of the websites that has been hit by the problem is Scottish League Cup champions Ross County. Their website was offline from Saturday until Tuesday afternoon, meaning that fans could not buy tickets or make enquiries.

The Stadium, Services and Media Manager, David O’Connor, said; “Online is a crucial part of our ticket sales, selling merchandise and the website is where fans go to reserve seats on buses and find match information.”

“Coming to the ground is not easy for the fan who works nine to five. Our fan base is always widely spread out across the Highlands and it means supporters having to travel quite a distance to get to Dingwall.”

A week later and the company is still struggling to restore the data that was lost. On Friday, only 39% of the servers had been recovered and it is now believed that some of the data may have been lost permanently.

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