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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is possibly the most important consideration for any business with a website. The internet is now a fundamental aspect of life. With so many websites saturating the web we rely upon search engines like Google to aid us in our online explorations. This is why SEO is so important – it is the process by which you (or rather, we) ensure that your website features prominently in search engines.

Piranha Internet SEO

The internet is a fantastic medium through which businesses of all sizes can gain increased exposure. The key is often a structured SEO campaign, which done properly can result in significantly increased visitor numbers and conversions. At Piranha Internet we have been conducting SEO campaigns from as early as 2001 when the Internet was still in its infancy and search engines like Google relied largely on now redundant factors like Meta Keywords. We are SEO specialists and have provided number one rankings to clients in all manner of highly competitive industries. We'd love to add yours to that list.

SEO is a continually developing industry and we like to keep abreast of all of the latest developments, many of which are documented on our blog.

Client Management

We believe in transparency. We have a designated client area on our website in which clients can see exactly what work is being done. This way they are able to see that we only use ethical or 'white-hat' SEO techniques. These are tactics that are allowed and even encouraged by search engines and that will provide long term stability for your search engine rankings.

We also make sure that we liaise with clients regularly, whether on the phone, by email or in person at our city centre offices in Preston or at their place of business.

How Does SEO Work?

Search Engine Optimisation no longer involves simply editing Meta Tags and using a keyword a certain number of times. In fact the whole approach to SEO is now much broader to the point where SEO encompasses all aspects of online marketing:

Content & Copywriting

A website will be successful if the content within it is useful, informative and original. We have experienced copywriters and graphic designers who work with clients to produce high quality content for their sites – whether this is written text, videos, imagery or a combination of the three. We can write additional pages for your website, blog or even for an email mail-out.

PPC: Pay-Per-Click

If you want to take an instant, more aggressive approach to your site's marketing then you may choose to purchase advertising space on related sites. This can be in the form of 'Pay-Per-Click' adverts on relevant search engines' result pages or banner advertising on other relevant sites. At Piranha we offer full PPC campaign management and advertising space procurement to support SEO and other website marketing solutions.

Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way that people interact with one another, and this includes the way that people search, buy and consult. At Piranha we have already successfully set up and maintained Social Media for a number of clients. There are a multitude of online communities which let users share all kinds of media with each other and these sites can have an impact upon search engine rankings. From our base in the heart of Preston we can advise you how best to utilise social media, or give us the go ahead and we will do it for you!

Link Building

Link Building remains an extremely important aspect of SEO in Preston and beyond. All websites need to link and be linked to. Through networking, market research and using the years of online marketing experience our team has gained, we can establish new and profitable links for your website from all over the web. Your site's link profile is a huge factor in determining its search engine rankings. Our link building practices are amongst the most respected in Preston, and across the North West, and we ensure that the external links that you gain are relevant to your website.

SEO Preston Services

Whether you are a small, Preston business or big multinational company, having a strong online presence is crucial. Gone are the days when people would look to the yellow pages or print advertising to find products or services. Now, the first and only place that people look is on the internet.

Almost as soon as the internet was invented, search engines were there to help people find the pages that were relevant to them. Now they are critical to anyone wanting to be found online.

If a person needs a particular product or service but doesn't know where to find it, they use a search engine. A search engine will return the most relevant web pages based on the words a person types into the search box. Naturally, the pages in the first page, or top 10 listings, have the best chance of being clicked on. If you aren't in at least the top 10 listings for your key search terms, you are invisible in the online world.

Ranking well in search engines will deliver lots of highly targeted visitors to your website. These visitors are those most likely to convert into sales. Visitors like this are what all businesses rely on in order to succeed.

How Does Search Engine Marketing work?

The starting point for our internet marketing in preston is to identify the keywords and phrases that are of the most value to your company. Before doing anything, we identify a group of key phrases which will deliver the greatest number of targeted visitors to a website. Once we know which words hold the most value, we are able to begin our Preston SEO services.

The algorithms that search engines use to rank pages are very complicated. To produce a list of results they take into account hundreds of different factors. Though the algorithm itself is complicated, what they hope to determine is very simple. All a search engine is interested in is relevance and importance.

In order to rank well in a search engine, your site needs to be very relevant to the search terms. This is always our aim when we begin the internet marketing in preston.

In order for your website to be seen as relevant, you need to have relevant, high quality content published regularly on your site. As well as this 'on-site' content you also need other relevant and important sites to link to your own website. These two things show the search engines that your site can be trusted. Once they know this they will reward your site by ranking it highly.

Even if you have high quality, relevant content on your website, if the search engines can't understand it, it's of no use. Search engines read pages very differently to human beings. Your site needs to be structured in such a way as to make it easy for search engines to understand what it is about. This process involves adjusting and optimising the coding which forms the foundations of your website, so that it is easily accessible for both human visitors and search engine 'spiders'.

Why We Are The #1Choice For SEO Preston Services

Though it is critical to maintaining your business presence online, preston search engine marketing is just one part of a much bigger puzzle. There are many different elements to successfully marketing your business online. Link building, pay per click advertising and social media marketing are all very important elements of a successful internet marketing campaign. Due to our extensive experience working with each of these elements, we are able to ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly.

How Does It Work?

It is a common misconception that there is only one way to market your website online. Every client we have worked with since we began offering SEO Preston services, has had slightly different needs. As a result, the solutions we have prescribed over the years have varied a great deal.

In order to help you get the most from your website, we need to acutely understand your needs and aims. Once we have a detailed understanding of these requirements we are able to put together a package of services that we think will offer the greatest rewards to your business.

The process begins with a detailed, face to face briefing which enables us to fully explain the way the SEO process works, as well as gaining a fuller understanding of our client's needs. From here we put together a package which we feel best serves our client's aims. We feel that our client's should be involved at every stage of the process. This ensures that the end result not only meets, but far exceeds their expectations.

What If I Don't Have A Website To Optimise?

This is why we are the primary provider of SEO Preston services: we can manage all aspects of your internet marketing, including building your website.

Ideally, we want to be involved in your marketing strategy as early as possible. The earlier we start helping you get the most from your efforts, the easier, and more fruitful the process will be. We can design websites, provide high quality content and make sure your website brings in lots of highly targeted traffic.

Our service is designed to deliver clear, impressive results. This is the standard we strive for in each project we undertake. Yours will be no different.

So You Need an SEO Company in Preston?

We believe that by working with companies and businesses in the Preston area, we are able to provide a higher level of service. Dealing with local companies means that we are able to involve them at every stage of the Preston website optimisation process. This level of client involvement delivers much better results and allows us to build much stronger working relationships with our clients.

Do you feel like your online presence needs a boost? If so, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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We offer SEO services to businesses across the entire country, though our offices are based in Preston city centre, in Lancashire. Our Preston SEO office is home to our SEO specialists, web designers, developers and indeed all of our staff. There are other SEO Preston companies out there, but we firmly believe that we are the best. Don't take our word for it though - whether you are in Preston, down in Brighton, or anywhere in-between - give us a try!

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"I’d had my website for some time but was getting relatively few visits. I gave Piranha a call after finding them on Google and after a couple of meetings with their SEO Specialists decided to see how they could help me. I’m not even sure what they did but within a few months my site was getting over 300% more traffic! Thanks Piranha!"